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The Scheme 'Economic Corporations', to be submitted to the government'

The Scheme 'Economic Corporations', to be submitted to the government'


The scheme is prepared to submit to the government in the fourth quarter of 2003. The purpose of the scheme is to specify the characteristics, the nature and influencing factors of economic corporations. Based o­n this, the scheme proposes guidelines, principles and methods to establish economic corporations. It also recommends policies and supporting measures to facilitate the transformation of potential or proposed companies into corporations. The scheme is organized into five sections: the actual situation and the need for transforming certain companies into economic corporations; the directions and measures for developing economic corporations, their organization and implementation, and the summation of experiences in the development of corporation models in the World and their characteristics and establishment. This scheme contributes to the elaboration of implementation guidelines for the pilot corporatization. It also aims to realize the directions of 'forming powerful corporations from state general companies and with the participation of all economic sectors... in some potential economic fields having advantages and abilities to compete during the international economic integration (the third meeting of the Ninth Central Committee of Vietnam's Communist Party).


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