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Draft Governmental Decree on State corporation management and on the transform of state corporations and self-contained state companies, applying the holding-branch company model

The Draft Decree was created o­n the basis of following the sound substance of the prior o­ne which was submitted to Vietnamese Government in the late 2002 and to the Standing Committee of National Assembly in September, 2003; receiving contributive ideas provided in the National Conference o­n accelerating SOEs rearrangement and reforms, in accordance with the spirit of the 9th Central Plenum (March, 2004), and comments of Ministries, departments, state corporations and companies (April, 2004). In accordance with the Law o­n Legal Document Promulgation, the presiding agency also submitted the Draft Decree to Ministry of Justice for review

26/03/2006 - 11:05 SA
Drafting Decree on Guidelines for the Implementation of Cooperative Law

Main contents:concretizing principles of the Law o­n Cooperatives; major amendments of the 2003 Law o­n Cooperatives(including: definition of Cooperatives, objects to take part in cooperatives, simplizing the business register procedures, spliting the two functions - management and executive o­nes - of Cooperatives; clearifying procedures for Coooperativeunifying, integrating, and deviding; regulations o­n Coooperative Union; etc.)

26/03/2006 - 11:04 SA
Drafting the Law on State-owned Enterprises (amendment)

At the mandate from the Government, the Ministry of Plan and Investment (Central Institute of Economic Management) is in charge of establishing a project of the Law o­n State-owned Enterprises (amendment). The amendment of SOEs Law is abided by the spirit of the 3rd Plenum of the IXth Central Party Executive Committee. This amended Law aims to overcome existing problems and shortcomings of the former Law after eight years of implementation; and to further renew and enhance the SOEs performance, ensuring rights, obligations, legal interests and equality of SOEs and the others in trade, enforcing the role of state ownership and management towards SOEs

26/03/2006 - 11:03 SA
Drafting the Project on Cooperative Law (Amendment)

In accordance to the fourth National Assembly’s Decision No 12/2002/QH 11 o­n the Law and State Law establishing program of the National Assembly, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has mandated the MPI to be responsible for, and to coordinate with other concerned Ministries, branches o­n researching and working out a Project o­n amending, supplementing some articles of the current Law o­n Cooperative. CIEM has been appointed by the MPI to be in charge of the Cell for Compiling the Draft Law.

26/03/2006 - 11:01 SA
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